A short guide on online slot machines: games types, rules etc

Online slot machines is a type of casino games that delivers a lot of fun and allows you to win big prizes in just a minute. They’re easy to play, so you won’t spend much time on rules and strategies. Moreover, such games are very versatile, which means you’ll have a great choice in terms of payouts, special features and design.

The gaming process in online slot machines

In web casinos you can play free online slot machines or make real-money bets to get rewards in dollars. The whole process is really simple in this games type:

  1. Choose the number of active lines, if it’s possible.
  2. Make a bet and select the value of a coin.
  3. Spin the virtual reels in standard or automatic mode.
  4. Get prizes for symbol combinations and bonuses, if you’re lucky.

Let’s now take a closer look on free online slot machines. They all have such elements as game field, reels, paying lines or ways to win and information field with controls. You start the main game round by spinning the reels. Before that you have to choose the number of active lines and the bet amount on each type. Some online slot machines don’t have lines. Ways to win are used instead, which means you set only total bet just from the beginning.

To get a prize in the game, a certain combination of symbols should appear on the line. Usually, 3 pictures minimum are required. In certain games there are 2-symbol paying combinations. Online slot machines can also have bonus and additional rounds. The one that is triggered by bonus pictures might be very different. It allows you to win credits, multipliers, extra spins etc.

The round called “Risk game” gives you a chance to double a previous reward several times. At last, Free Spins round allows you to win credits without betting funds, which is great when you play online slot machines for real money.

Online slot machines main types

There are several game types you’ll find in online casinos:

  • classic reels;
  • online slot machines with jackpot;
  • video slots.

Though, this is only one classification. For example, they can also be divided according to the number of reels. Usually they have five, but there are games with 3 and 7 ones too. Many slots also have special features, which can be activated randomly or on purpose during the main or bonus round.

Before you’ll start gambling, it’s crucial to find a trustworthy casino with all the licenses and many games to choose from. Some of them will allow you to play online slot machines for real money with no deposit bonus. It means you won’t even have to top up your balance to start spinning the reels.

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